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How many days before we can make a reservation?

You may reserve the vehicle from 365 days to 2 days before to pickup.

Can we rent the vehicle without reservation?

Under our policy, all our valued customer must reserve to rent the vehicle.
If you would like to rent less than 2 days before trip, please contact our staff.

How do we make a payment?

We can take both cash and credit card at the pickup date.

Can we change pickup date, vehicle, or options after reservation?

For arrangement of reservation, please call us.


Can we extend rental date?

Extension of rental date is acceptable depend on schedule availability.
Please contact our staff.

Can we drive these camp cars with a regular vehicle driver’s license?

Yes you can. These camp cars are much larger than regular vehicles.
Please drive carefully.

We might not know how to use equipment of the camp car…

Our staff will give you simple instructions of how to use equipment.
If you have questions, please contact us anytime.


What would happen if the car get damage or stain while we are renting?

Damage or stain on the vehicle not by traffic accident is not applied to disclaimer compensation. Users will be fined for the repair cost of loss

What do we have to do if we had an accident?

In case of an accident occurred, please proceed below task immediately.
It includes significantly important procedures for insurance coverage.

  • 1. Giving an aid to the injured
  • 2. Reporting to the police
  • 3. Confirmation of the other driver
  • 4. Reporting to our staff

Do you have an optional insurance plan we can take only for the rent a car?

We have an insurance of Vehicle Coverage, please contact our staff.

What is Non Operation Charge (NOC)?

NOC refers the charge for the vehicle is not available to be operated by theft, accident, damaged, or stained that needs to be repaired or cleaned.

Vehicle pick up & drop off

When can we pick up or drop off the car?

Our business hours is 8:00 – 20:00 every day, but you can drop of 24/7. For emergency, please contact at 050-3092-4655

How do we pick up or drop off the car in not business hour?

Please contact at 050-3092-4655

Do we have to bring something for rent?

Please bring your driver’s license.

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